5 Great Ideas For Casino Themed Parties


Online casinos have become an excellent alternative to play your favorite casino, UK casino slots without going to a casino establishment in your city. You can wager at the comfort of your home without having to dress up in a fancy outfit. With the sharp rise in the number of users of smartphones and tablets, online casinos have also gained in popularity and will most likely sustain the momentum in the future.

Playing online is fun because you can do it whenever and wherever you want, but you can let the fun out of your phone’s screen with casino-themed parties. Invite your friends and loved ones for an exciting evening that will give you the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas or Monte Carlo casinos with these party ideas:

Poker Night

Aside from UK casino slots, casino goers rush to the poker table as well. To host a poker-themed party, you need supplies, including poker chip plates, a poker table, playing cards, and casino chips. You can use novelty money or real money, which would depend on you and your guests. You can also print out guides on how to win poker, along with the rules. Of course, do not forget to ask your friends to be in James Bond-inspired suits or gangster costumes.

Homemade Bingo

Bingo is fun, and young kids can play with you if you’re going for a family-oriented party. You can either buy the bingo cards or make them yourself. Be ready with the snacks and refreshments. If you’re playing with kids, you may want to have some prizes prepared.

Personalized Invites

Aside from the games, casino-themed parties are an excellent time for you to showcase your creativity. You can create custom invites printed with all the party details. Some ideas for the invitation are:

Attaching a casino favor, such as a magnet or a button to a card-style invite
A card suit confetti included in the envelope
Personalized sticker to seal the envelopes
A special welcome message

You have an unlimited choice for the invites that your guests will surely find hard to say no to.

Décor and Food

The decorations you put for your casino party can make all the difference. Add some classic floaters and cool inflatables that resemble what you see in online slot machines, such as palm trees, pirate swords, or even guitars. You can also go for standard decorations, such as piñatas full of fillers to get you and your guests excited.

You cannot have a party without food and drinks. You can always serve what you and your guests like, but you can never go wrong with burgers, veggie platters, hot dogs, and chips. For the refreshments, you can have some wine or juices if you will have some small kids around.

To get the feel that your event is at a top-tier hotel in Vegas, you can serve the food and snacks on silver trays. If it is a big event, you can have some volunteers walking around with appetizers, juice, and food to be offered to the guests.

If the party is exclusively for adults, you can have some champagne glasses served to the partygoers. Mini servings of food can make them feel they are at an elite establishment. Serve some shrimp, finger sandwiches, meatballs, and other small-sized food for that fancy feel.

Party Favours

Before sending your guests home, be sure to give them something like a parting gift. The stakes are high in guaranteeing they leave happy. Some casino favor ideas include playing cards and dice, money boa, novelty poker glasses, candies, loot bags, and even personalized water bottles.

With these casino-themed party ideas, the event will surely be unique and unforgettable.