5 Ubuntu Themes That Will Rock Your World

Let me set the scene for you. You’re searching the internet far and wide for the perfect theme, something that just screams creativity. Themes are one of the most important things to consider when creating a website or blog, in the same way, it is not only creative but fun to set up themes within your Ubuntu. Without further ado, you will not need to look any further than these 5 Ubuntu Themes that are going to rock your world!

1. The First Theme is called “Paper Icons” and is a free and moderately popular Ubuntu theme. With its clean look comes clean code that any novice will be able to use. You have no reason to pass up such a useful, always-updating theme.

2. If you’re looking for some pizazz to add to your computer, the Xenlism Wildfire icon theme may be what you’re looking for. With its vivid beauty and deep use of color, the artist in you will not be disappointed.

3. Do you want a whiff of what the Mac OS is all about? Then the OSX Breeze Gnome theme might be right for you. This theme is those who like their theme as smooth as jazz and ice cream.

4. Looking for some “inspiration?” The Inspire Icon set is open-source, so you can make any your own additions. It fits nicely into the Linux system and is completely separated from the OS.

5. The Ivy Icon Theme is a colorful classic which is easy to download and use. A beautiful set-up with minimal work? How could you pass that up? Have a favorite color? They have it.

Your search is over, with these 5 great themes, you should find the one that works best for you. Personalization is one of the best things we can do. Back in the day you probably customized your binder or notebook. Now you’re growing up and customizing your Ubuntu or website and I’m proud of you. Like people, themes are all different and will appeal to different people. Find the theme that is right for you and I hope these themes rocked your world!

4 Best Desktop Customization Hacks

For individuals who spend most of their time on their desktops, making the machine more productive and easier to use is essential. And irrespective of the operating system one is using; there are always new ways and tricks to customize your desktop and make it better. However, if one is not familiar with deep customization, it is vital to seek help or perform a backup of their data before customizing. Below are a few of the best tricks to customize your desktop:

Installing a custom dock

Although the default taskbar on Windows operating system is pretty much impressive, it is even better when well enhanced. However, for those whose preference is an aesthetic and functional nature type of dock, customizable docks are the way to go. A variety of such docks are available online at a reasonable fee while others are free such as the RocketDock. For users who prefer Linux operating system and would like to customize their dock, Docky is an ideal choice. On the other hand, users on OS X can customize their dock using DockMod.

Organize Your Desktop Clutter
You might have the best customizations, but if your desktop is full of the disarranged icon, then all effort goes to waste. A well-organized desktop is not only attractive but also makes navigation across the same trouble-free. And while not everyone is good with organizing stuff, applications such as Fences come in handy in such cases. With a grouping app, you will make the desktop pleasing to the eye but also be able to reach your stuff quickly.
Have different icons

Some of the default icons on some applications are not the most attractive ones. Moreover, different people have different preferences hence the need to have a customized look Individual apps are easy to change in most operating systems. IconPackager for Windows OS can be helpful with the icons although users need to back up their system first.

Unique desktop effects

When it comes to desktop effects, Windows OS is a little behind in comparison to other operating systems such as Linux. The good news is that you can make your Windows desktop equally fun by use of apps such Dexpot that has quite lovely animations. Also, for Windows users who want to explore more, WindowFX is an ideal tool with numerous animations and customization options. However, the application is not free