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1 A Chapel in the Forest

Screenshot: View Screenshot
1 A Chapel in the Forest

Description: An awesome Autumn desktop, this lovely chapel by a stream in the forest by Thomas Kinkade brings peace and serenity. Available for download are a theme, wallpaper and a beautiful screensaver with falling leaves, flying birds, butterflies and a rippling stream. Come sit, rest and refresh by the moving water. Visit WWW.IRENESDREAMS.COM for more magical things and clean downloads, as well as WWW.THEMESHACK.NET.

1 A Valley of Peace

Screenshot: View Screenshot
1 A Valley of Peace

Description: Presenting a lovely Autumn desktop from a wonderful Kinkade painting, this one sets the mood perfectly. Desktop theme, animated screensaver with nice water, smoke and sky effects, original oak leaf cursors, OE stationery, wallpaper, icons, and IE toolbar are all available.

1 Autumn Morning

Screenshot: View Screenshot
1 Autumn Morning

Description: In the shadows of majestic mountains, the tipis of the tribe are warm in the frosty Autumn morning. A lovely painting of this beautiful time of the year. Theme, wallpaper, and a smashing screensaver are all available for you.

1 Cottage of Summer

Screenshot: View Screenshot
1 Cottage of Summer

Description: A lovely Cottage displays all the bright blooms of summer in this wonderful Thomas Kinkade painting. Desktop theme, wallpaper, OE stationery, and an animated screensaver with brightly blooming flowers and mutable music are all available for you.

1 Hometown Celebration

Screenshot: View Screenshot
1 Hometown Celebration

Description: One of my favorite Kinkade paintings, a celebration of life for your desktop. As the cool rain falls, life is everywhere in this lovely image. Theme, wallpaper, and a wonderful screensaver with falling rain and rippling puddles and falling rain sounds are all available.

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