How To Customize Your Desktop And Phone To Show You Love Vaping

Tips & Tricks

I love my new vape pen. It has a really cool color and a very smooth design. I’m so into vaping and box mods that I literally change my computer desk top theme once a week to feature either a new vape pen or a box mod. I get all my ideas from the Churnmag vape blog. This site usually answers all of my questions of whether or not I should buy a certain vape pen and how to get the best product.

Right now the screensaver on my phone is a photo of vape coils. Coil maintenance is very important if you want to extend the life of your coils. Thanks to Churnmag vape blog, I know a few handy steps to prolong the life of my coils and now I only have to buy the liquid when I shop instead of replacing coils regularly like I used to.

Other interesting things I’ve found on the Churnmag vape blog include updated vape and box mod guides, amazing discounts as vape deals are updated daily, monthly giveaways and vape news which includes latest vape studies vape awareness, vape laws and cases.

By just looking at my desktop or my phone a fellow vape lover can tell that I am obsessed with vaping. Even when strangers see my phone they inquire about the photo because I use the most vibrant images to represent my love for vaping. I am the contact for my friends when they want to buy a new product or an update on the latest vape news. They know I read about it all the time at the Churnmag vape blog. We all can appreciate the discounts because vaping can get expensive. Even at today’s prices, one look at my consistent vape and box mod postings shows everyone that I am in this for the long haul.