Should You Format Your Work PC Before Leaving Your Job?

General Tips & Tricks

There are many reasons why you may want to format your work PC before you leave your current job. One of the biggest reasons is that fact that you may have stored personal information on the PC. This happens more times than you think. Social media accounts are the main culprits but it could also be information that you downloaded for a project. Another equally good reason is that you feel that the company will appreciate having a clean PC without the excess storage. Freeing space for the next person isn’t a bad idea. It is, however, prudent to think about what you want to accomplish with the purge.

Reasons to Format Work PC
One of the best reasons to format your work PC is to clean out any known viruses and malware. When you format a PC, you are essentially removing all the existing content on the hard drives. This helps the computer run more efficiently and opens up storage space.

Another good reason why you might format your work PC is that the storage space on your hard drives is already full. This helps the company by allowing them the opportunities to gather the information and save it on another platform. Two other equally good reasons why formatting your work PC before you leave your job are to clear out error messages and make the PC run smoother.

There are many equally good reasons why you really shouldn’t format your work PC before leaving your job. The biggest reason why you shouldn’t is that it is not your property. Every employee is usually briefed thoroughly before being assigned a PC that they are forbidden to use the PC for personal reasons. Every employee should also be briefed that any content that is downloaded on the computer is company property.

Reasons Not to Format Work PC
It is important to understand that when you accept a PC from your company, you are responsible for utilizing and maintaining that PC. This means that any information that you gather while using that PC will be considered company information. It is also important to understand that companies take the security of their data very seriously.

There is also information and programs that are specifically geared towards the company. This could be a workflow program that only works for the company computers or information that was neglected but will be needed in the future.