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Star Trek Desktop Themes

The First Captain > Instant Download
The First Captain ScreenshotA Star Trek theme devoted to the Pike character

StarTrek Interface (RedOrange) > Instant Download
StarTrek Interface (RedOrange) ScreenshotThis is the original version from STInterface_blue that was done in red/orange colors. Wonderful to use to arrange your icons separately! Comes with actual voices from Star Treks computer. Enjoy!

Brent Spiner Theme 01 > Instant Download
Brent Spiner Theme 01 ScreenshotOne of my very first desktop themes, Brent Spiner is better known for playing Data in Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG), he also appears in ID4, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Geppetto, Out to Sea & Phenomenon, 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480

Star Trek Captain Kirk (TOS) v2 > Instant Download
Star Trek Captain Kirk (TOS) v2 ScreenshotWith this theme you get all images, wavs, and Logos (startup/wait & down). Includes a bonus right sided collage wallpaper to replace original wallpaper.

Reds Theme > Instant Download
Reds Theme ScreenshotStar Trek - just some stuff I put together with a little Harley-Davidson mix

The Comm - Star Trek > Instant Download
The Comm - Star Trek ScreenshotALL New to Starbase 24. The Star Trek Comm Theme. I did it again, made yet another trek theme, this one includes sounds wallpaper cursors and icons, and packed with all kinds of goodies

Enterprise NCC-1701 > Instant Download
Enterprise NCC-1701 ScreenshotAll 6 with information of each on a touch control panel. Star Trek symbols for icons and cursors. Sounds are from the starship with additional female computer responses. With start-wait-shutdown screens & screensaver.

Proud Nerd Desktop Theme II > Instant Download
Proud Nerd Desktop Theme II ScreenshotThis is for those of us who love our computer and actually know how it works. Incl wavs from Hackers, Babylon 5, Black Adder, Poltergeist, Snaglepuss, Willie Wonka, Cheers, Star Trek computers and internet gems. Includes wallpaper from 800 x 600 up to size 1600 x 1200. Enjoy

Star Trek Vulcan Forge (2themesIn1).zip > Instant Download
Star Trek Vulcan Forge (2themesIn1).zip ScreenshotEarths embassy on Vulcan is bombed and the investigation puts Captain Archer and Tpol on the trail of a religious faction hiding in the treacherous Vulcan Forge desert. Theme (2in1zip) is loosely based around the Enterprise episode The Forge. Zip includes another beautiful planet landscape theme with anipointers and icons (mixed sets), wavs, and logos(startupwaitdown). EASY INSTALL, ENJOY

Jadzia Dax > Instant Download
Jadzia Dax ScreenshotA Star Trek Theme devoted to the Jadzia Dax character

Enterprise > Instant Download
Enterprise ScreenshotA great theme for anyone who loves Star Trek. Fabulous 3D wallpaper depicting the Enterprise under attack.

Emil Garak > Instant Download
Emil Garak ScreenshotA Star Trek Theme devoted to the Emil Garak character

Star Trek Desktop Theme > Instant Download
Star Trek Desktop Theme ScreenshotIncludes Screen Saver Sounds Cursors Icons Windows Media Player Skin Windows XP Visual Style Windows XP Visual Style Support

Star Trek TNG > Instant Download
Star Trek TNG ScreenshotStar Trek TNG theme with animated cursors sounds wallpaper and a trek screen saver.

Eye of the Rainbow > Instant Download
Eye of the Rainbow ScreenshotThe artist for this paper-Ed Hagan, from gfxsolutions-called this New Frontiers. It definately has Star Trek tones, but to my fanciful ways,it looks like what you would see if a rainbow had eyes, and could see. Take a look...

Star Trek Insurrection Desktop Theme > Instant Download
Star Trek Insurrection Desktop Theme ScreenshotDesktop Theme based on the movie 'Star Trek Insurrection'

Star Trek TNG > Instant Download
Star Trek TNG ScreenshotAn theme based on TNGs eposide Relics with the revival of Montgomery Scott and Geordy LaForge! This theme includes a great image, animated pointers, icos, original wavs, a screen saver and logos! A MUST!!!

Data (Star Trek TNG) Theme > Instant Download
Data (Star Trek TNG) Theme ScreenshotData (Brent Spiner) in Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) & movies (First Contact, Nemesis, Generations) is one of the most popular characters in Trek history. Wallpaper by STinSV used with permission. My first theme. 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480

Enterprise 2001 Theme > Instant Download
Enterprise 2001 Theme ScreenshotTheme dedicated to the new Star Trek show, Enterprise. It contains all theme parts including two desktop sizes and screensaver. Enjoy!

Excelsior STIII Starbase > Instant Download
Excelsior STIII Starbase ScreenshotAn Enterprise - Excelsior starbase theme based on the Star Trek Movies III and IV. Each image is better than the next. Theme has been updated with new logos (startup - shutdown), wavs, screen savers and animated pointers. 3 themes in 1 zip. EASY INSTALL

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